Bamboo Walls

Discover the beauty and versatility

Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants in the world, used for a variety of applications such as clothing, flooring, furniture, household items, food and wall coverings. Bamboo walls and wall coverings can add a distinctive atmosphere to your home or office.

This plant is known for its strength and adaptability to many different applications. Wall coverings are used to protect and decorate walls and ceilings and can be made from many different materials, but few are as versatile as bamboo wall coverings. This plant grows incredibly fast and is very easy to maintain, making it an ideal renewable source of materials.

Bamboo wall coverings have recently become extremely popular in the western hemisphere, but in Asian culture, bamboo has a long history of use for its functionality and its aesthetic value. In the East, bamboo symbolizes many different qualities such as strength, resiliency and longevity. In addition, bamboo is symbolically used to denote and express blessings of good luck.

One of the most highly used elements in feng shui, bamboo wall coverings create a relaxing, calming environment. As people become more ecologically conscious about the materials used to furnish their homes and offices, they find that bamboo has many more advantages than traditional wallpaper or painting. Today more than ever, people are seeking natural fibers and materials to use in their decorating schemes.

The versatility of the bamboo plant provides so many options in decorating that it is entirely possible to use it in every aspect of your home. With bamboo wall coverings, you can transform an environment from ordinary to extraordinary with very little effort and expense. Bamboo is used in wall coverings, wall panel dividers, flooring, furniture, art and household items. You find it not only in the living room but also the kitchen and bedroom as well, accentuating the positive influence of Asian culture in your home.

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